Christopher Gorog is a business consultant, author, and speaker who offers services for security education and training,  as well as cryptographic solutions architecture and implementation.

He holds a BS in computer Engineering, a masters of Computer science in computer System Security, and a masters of business administration from Colorado Technical University. Considered an expert in his field, he has more than 22 years of engineering, information technology and project management experience in both the commercial and government Max&Dadsectors. Christopher’s work focuses on security for embedded systems and security management for critical infrastructure.

As the evolving world of technology continue to touch our lives, the next generation of cyber security needs to include the millions of micro-controlled devices which automate and add comfort to our lives. Christopher Gorog is bringing his expertise in both embedded systems and business infrastructure together to offer a much needed direction for how these massive amounts of un-manned devices will securely coordinate and interface with our human world. He is revolutionizing how people and organizations think about the next generation of cyber security.

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