Exciting New High School Concept

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Super STEM Academy – A bold and compelling new idea that will be the center schools of the future A STEM focused project-based learning environment that will emphasize Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship within the curriculum along with other technical areas like Cyber Security, Manufacturing … [Read more...]

Security Management for Critical Infrastructure Part 2 – FREE online course


Welcome back I apologize its been a few months since my last post but today I am brining you the second part of the well recieved Security Management for Critical Infrastructure. Please help me keep brininging you free online offerings by supporting some of my other efforts. I challenge everyone … [Read more...]

Security Eco-system, Creative Holistic Solutions


As we have laid the groundwork over the last year and a half of publications focused on Security Management for Critical Infrastructure, we can now start to link some solid solution details. This article is the first part of a multi-part release which will outline the component and access features … [Read more...]