Accountability Of Data – Video Clip


This excerpt from the course on Security Management For Critical Infrastructure  explains how accountability and human behavior relate to computers and embedded systems.

I posted this clip to support the article release for the March issue of the Security Management for Critical infrastructure series on Fierce Smart Grid.  Accountability of data is essential to the ability to operate electro-mechanical equipment on critical infrastructure networks.

Understanding accountability is essential to understanding cyber security.  Humans make assumptions that everyone in society will following excepted standards for accountability based on moral codes we all learn at young ages. Since a computer cannot have a moral code this accountability must be designed into operation and upheld with trust chains and proof of data operations.

Like every person contributes to accountability of a society, every portion of the eco-system for critical infrastructure must contribute in the same way. A new moral code which covers electro-mechanical systems, logistic networks,  virtual & software systems, and human actors, must be set up. We cannot assume that cyber security will be in somebody else’s hands.


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