Video Training sessions from ICS-ISAC #SARACon

First of all I wanted to thank those who attended these sessions live at ICS-ISAC #SARACon.  I enjoyed your input and thank you for the stimulating conversations and questions.  I also apologize for a mix up on the first session as I forgot to turn on my lapel audio feed. The first session … [Read more...]

New Course Release – Security Management for Critical Infrastructure


Check out our exciting new release Security Management for Critical Infrastructure , the first two courses in this series are now available online to take online at your own pace. Gain a deep understanding of topics which have been the featured in the highly circulate publications by cyber security … [Read more...]

Connecting Business and Technology using Cyber Security

Since I have had such a great response to my post on merging business and security, I thought I would post this excerpt from my upcoming training on Security Management for Critical Infrastructure. This clip talks about two different approaches to business and highlights how a model using Cyber … [Read more...]