GorogSecurityManagementModelIs your organization looking for Cyber Security and/or Security Management expertise. I offer services including evaluation of embedded system vendors, products, or even a deep dive analysis of your entire Ecosystem surrounding Critical Infrastructure products & security. The process includes analyzing each aspect of business, starting out with an expert view of the organizations current security posture.

The process and outcome of the evaluation will be treated with the upmost privacy, and you will be provided a confidential detailed analysis report which you can use internally to improve your own process development, or to support vendors in standardizing product requirements. The need for an independent voice and opinion is crucial when trying to understand marketing material and products features of multiple vendors.

My evaluation process  can include a detailed analysis in the following security management areas.

Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Vendor Management
Product Management
Boundary/Network Management
Operational Security Management
Patch Management
Secrets Management
Trust Management
System Integrity Management
Data lifecycle Management
Data Privacy Management
Data Utilizations/Analytics
Policy Management
Regulatory/Standards Management
User Access Management


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