What makes up the Critical Infrastructure Security Eco-system?


CascadingTrustWelcome back. This month I have posted the first of the next phase of articles in the series. This phase will use the concepts defined in the last phase of articles which were released  over the last year. The first of this new phase of articles Exploring the Critical Infrastructure Security Eco-system start to link components together and provide some possibilities for moving forward to organize security across the multiple industries and organizations which need to work together. To aid in the understanding of this topic I have added a video clip from my training program Security Management for Critical Infrastructure which explains the levels and operations I have identified which make up such an Eco-system. The image also included in the post is one that I have used in previous articles to show the central block of programmed secrets which will need to be in each device as it passes along and progresses through this security Eco-system.  As you watch the video clip and read the article it may be helpful to think about where and when the scope of each of these secrets in this block become relevant. The next articles will address these secrets, describe how, and which ones are provisioned at the various levels of eco-system.

I am aware that I may not have identified all of the levels and participants which will eventually be considered as part of the security eco-system.  Also I am sure that some of the groupings, titles, or classifications which I have listed may eventually migrate as our understanding becomes more defined. However I thought this was a good place to start. I hope you appreciate this initial step at classifying and organizing. Please feel free to post comments or contact me offline with more details, or areas that could be improved.

Article content posted on Fierce Smart Grid:  Exploring the security eco-system for critical infrastructure

Training Clip: Security Eco-system for Critical Infrastructure


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    In today’s interdependent and interconnected world, the safety and security of critical infrastructure requires concerted efforts of public private partners around the globe.

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