Video Training sessions from ICS-ISAC #SARACon


GSMM-IconFirst of all I wanted to thank those who attended these sessions live at ICS-ISAC #SARACon.  I enjoyed your input and thank you for the stimulating conversations and questions.  I also apologize for a mix up on the first session as I forgot to turn on my lapel audio feed. The first session presentation on Security Management for Critical Infrastructure thus did not have a good enough quality audio to post online.  I have released a studio recorded version as a substitute for the presentation I hope this studio recorded version will serve as a equivalent substitute.  For those of you who could not attend or had to leave prior to the training sessions on Saturday I hope these online post provide some value to you.

Introduction to Security Management

This training session will introduce students to Security Management and explain how Security Management Framework is used in critical Infrastructure. Participants will gain an understanding of the differences in how security is approached in various business models and organizations and the Security Management areas which need to be address across their organization. This session will be the precursor to the follow on courses “Ecosystem for Critical Infrastructure Products” and “Secrets Management”


Ecosystem for Critical Infrastructure Products

This training will give attendees an understanding of the security Eco-system surrounding the development, distribution, logistic control, and operational support needed for newly developing internet of things (IoT). Participants will gain an in-depth picture of how and where security management focuses on the operational components of a critical infrastructure business environment.


Secrets Management

This session will give an overview of the requirements for security control and management of the sensitive components required for successfully organizing critical infrastructure security. This expanded view of Cryptographic Key management includes linking the operational security in each ICS embedded device to: the design & manufacturing processes, secret (key) provisioning, supply logistics, integration & configuring, and business operations.

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