Cyber Security Career Guidance Series


This new series which I have titled my career guidance series has two entry level courses. One designed to promote an interest in security with youth or prospective students. A second which is designed to give service men and women exiting from the military an understanding of the exceptional need their skills in key industries, as well as the exceptional growth prospects brought on by the evolving “internet of things”.

Choose one of the first two starter courses:

Why Should I Choose a Career in Cyber Security?

Converting My Military Experience to a Cyber Security Career in Utilities

The Series continues with two additional courses which will give an entry level understanding on security for individuals new to the security field. These courses were designed to help them understand how businesses use Cyber Security and which business functions will require them to use Cyber Security operations. The knowledge in these courses are things I wish I had known when I began my career. This information will jumpstart participants working careers by giving them the knowledge that has taken me a lifetime to put together, hopefully early in their careers.

Continue the series and build your knowledge:

Cyber Security Operations Made Simple (Cyber Security Primer part 1)

Ways Businesses Use Security (Cyber Security Primer part 2)

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