Cyber Security Courses


Cyber Security Career Guidance series

This series of courses is designed as a practical guide to Cyber Security. There are so many people that want to know about Cyber Security and understand what the hype is all about. Until now there has not be an easy to understand training course for any and every one. You will not find a lot of technical lingo, long acronyms, or difficult concepts in this course. Just the basic things which you need to know in order to understand what the heck computer security is all about.


Secure Coding Series

This series of courses includes the modules for Designing Secure Systems including courses on the Top 25 Programming Errors and also includes the 6 secure coding ‘elective’ modules.  Comprising approximately 15 hours of CBT seat time, this course provides the most thorough of secure application development.


Secure Testing Series

This series offers an entire suite of Secure Testing Modules each can be accessed independently or by the purchasing the entire series. This series is a great complementary offering to the Secure coding series.


Security Management for Critical Infrastructure

Coming soon I will also offer the first course in the largely anticipated series on Security Management for Critical Infrastructure. This series will give participants in depth training and an understanding of the concepts defined by Cyber Security expert Christopher Gorog for managing security in the newly evolving world called the internet of things. This series will thoroughly cover the various management areas needed for a positive control on security for machine to machine networks of unmanned devices. This approach is revolutionizing how the technical world views Cyber Security of the future.  Be the first to participate in this series, contact us to reserve a seat prior to release.

To reserve a seat for the upcoming course: “Security Management for Critical Infrastructure”