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It is an exciting time in the evolution of the digital age, we have an exceptional grow cycle ahead of us. If you are looking to understand which products or skills to pursue with your career, or which future market products will dominate the next interconnected age, Security Management for Critical Infrastructure is the place to start!!!!

Course Page: Introductions to Security Management for Critical Infrastructure

Course reviewer comments:

These were excellent courses. First off, I think the material was perfectly organized and the presentation was easy to follow. I think this is very important particularly when addressing difficult subject matters.

…….. I also think a great strength of these presentations was that as I was listening and coming up with questions, they were answered shortly after I thought of them. This means to me you did a good job anticipating potential trouble areas and addressing them sooner rather than later.

I thought the content definitely met my expectations. One of the strongest areas in my opinion was how you compared/contrasted IT system security with ICS system security. This helped bridge the two systems. Many of us do not have an intimate knowledge of ICS and by showing how these two different systems were different and more importantly, where and how they differed significantly helped my understanding of ICS. A very good job indeed.

……Very clearly explained and gives good real world examples that makes the topic easier to understand.

I think this is an important course for those who want to understand ICS and ICS security management, and for anyone for that matter in information security. Too many times we have seen reports in the press regarding ICS and cybersecurity. These courses help put those articles in perspective. This is definitely a valuable resource. I would definitely take another course and will recommend them to other professionals and businesses that I know do not have a set information assurance program in place.

I really, like how you use examples on “Which Cyber Security is Right”  another comment on the same section That section changed the way I think about Cyber Security



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