I am excited to announce the release of a new information source for cyber security. This is not only an exciting time for us at Logic Central but also a great time for the world of cyber security in general. The Governor of the state of Colorado is funding an economic development effort to support cyber security as a primary industry focus and has begun the development of a National Cyber Center in Colorado Springs, CO. The New Cyber Frontier is following this economic development effort in the state of Colorado. Listen as we interview Colorado Governor Hickenlooper and many other guest about the Colorado cyber effort.

We encourage everyone in the cyber security industry to get involved. Check out the trailer for the first season of the New Cyber Frontier at:

We would like to hear from anyone in the cyber security industry. Reach out to us. Help us get the message out about the tough industry problems and solutions. Help the leadership of the Colorado effort understand the industry needs.

  • If you are a cyber expert or part of a company which offers a solution we would love to speak with you and showcase your expertise, products, or solutions.
  • We want to hear from any cyber agencies and organizations supporting the governance, standardization, or growth of cyber security.
  • Investors and start-up entrepreneurs in cyber fields, we would love to showcase your ideas and see if we can entice you to have your organization headquartered in Colorado.
  • If you are looking to be at the center of this new cyber economic development, contact us to get connected or to get your message out.

These are unique times and the need for cyber security solutions have never been more extreme. However it has also made opportunities the largest they have ever been. The timing is optimum, and the next big growth industry will hopefully begin in Colorado and be centered on nothing short of the security of the virtual age.  Follow us and Join our mailing list to keep updated on each release and new development of cyber effort in Colorado.

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