Encryption: The answer to all security


Although the title of this article is intended to get your attention, it is largely sarcastic. My sarcasm stems from speaking with many people who have determined encryption was the answer to all their security.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard “the data is encrypted so it is safe,” I would be rich. Unfortunately this belief has been so strong in many that it has hindered them and their organization from moving forward.

With all sarcasm aside the message here is in line with the series I have been releasing on “Security Management for Critical Infrastructure”. The next few articles in the series will cover the issues of managing and distributing the cryptographic keys in each system on our networks. I  described these keys in my last article as  “the secrets which make up the DNA of each system distributed across our organizations”. They are used to communicate with each system on the network individually but also synchronize the network to allow it to operate like a single system. Stay tuned for the next few topics in the series which will give more details about this organization and synchronization.

I hope you enjoy the humorous approach to this article but please don’t ignore its message on the need for protecting the encryption process and cryptographic keys.

Article Link:  Encryption: The answer to all security

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