Do governments really want to prevent hacking?


I though this article written by a good friend provided an interesting topic to discuss. Do governments have anything to gain by keeping the status quo in regards to the current digital age cyber environment? Really would the U.S. or China (using the example of this article) benefit from supporting a digital age progression where accountability could be traced to each parties actions and transactions? Reading this article makes it clear that they are each comfortable sitting at their position of knowledge and power being able to blame another organization…………but neither wants to be held accountable for their own actions.

Let’s ask ourselves how would either side of this dispute between two world powers have gotten the information to make accusations that other is doing something “malicious” on the global scale.  A while back I made a post talking about how we are in the era of Pirates and Privateers when it comes to security. This is a clear example of how the world powers are supporting the system because it works for them. They are proud of their Privateers and there abilities to stay one step ahead of the others in the game.

The answer is No they don’t want to prevent hacking, they are still happy with being able to hack themselves. They each want their own privateers to be in control of the seas and keep the other countries privateers (which they label pirates) in check.

As it was during the age of pirates, everyone (including governments) has to get to the point where this activity is not acceptable. The system needs to change from the ground up closing the environment which allowed and enabled hacking (modern day pirates) to prosper. The longer this environment remains the more it will become a cold-war stalemate between the worlds larges governments ………Privateer vs. Privateer.  Security Management for Critical Infrastructure starts defining the pieces and integration of existing security components to build an accountability Eco-system.

Article Link: China demands clear definition of cyber spying from U.S


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