New Course Release – Security Management for Critical Infrastructure



Check out our exciting new release Security Management for Critical Infrastructure , the first two courses in this series are now available online to take online at your own pace. Gain a deep understanding of topics which have been the featured in the highly circulate publications by cyber security expert Christopher Gorog.  The next era of computing will enter a phase of exponential growth with the number of unmanned computer processing devices vastly outpacing the number of human users. To be prepared for this new age people must update their knowledge base and adapt to the requirements of this impending “internet of things”. This series of courses will help participants not only understand the knowledge base for this new era but also the Eco-system which will be required to support this technological cycle change.

If you are looking to understand which products or skills to pursue a with your career, or which future market products will dominate the next interconnected age, Security Management for Critical Infrastructure is the place to start!!!!

Course page: Security Management for Critical Infrastructure

Here are some remarks from course participants:

I actually re-learned some topics that I had forgotten about. Because of the real world examples, this course helped me to refocus my thoughts as I complete my master thesis.

Very clearly explained and gives good real world examples that makes the topic easier to understand. This was a very beneficial course, which has exceeded my expectations.

I really, like how you use examples on “Which Cyber Security is Right”  another comment on the same section That section changed the way I think about Cyber Security


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