Security Management for Critical Infrastructure – FREE online course


It is a special treat today as I am releasing one of my premier courses free for everyone to learn from. The challenges of Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure are so large and the awareness of these issues just do not seem to be gaining ground. I challenge anyone in IT cybersecurity to watch this course which outlines the contrast between the ever growing explosion in IT Big Data analysis of events and network traffic contrasted against the basis of security which designers face in the embedded systems/ICS world.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Please also check out my latest work and support our community of Logic Minded people at . Help check out some of our products and help me keep the lights on and keep brining you free Cybersecurity programs.


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    I have 7 year general experiences and 4 years direct experiences in compliance and audit tasks. I really interested to find out what kind of security needs for interrelated Management system which we currently have. Technology, internet, and software are using as tools of better management, but is has some dark site like security of data or others.

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      Alberto, Yes, I offer presentation licensing for any of my programs, and also certification programs for your trainers.


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