Security Management for Critical Infrastructure



This class will provide student insight into the challenges of security integration across Critical infrastructure and business Information technology networks. Students will gain an understanding of the Security Management areas which need to be address across their organization. Students will be given an in-depth picture of how and where security management focuses on the operational components of a critical infrastructure business environment. They will also learn how to align other industry participants to achieve an end to end security solution for their organization. This course focuses on giving students a deeper understanding of embedded systems and Industrial control networks and what is need to secure such systems. Students will gain insight into the future and what security will look like for the internet of things.


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Remarks from course participants:

I actually re-learned some topics that I had forgotten about. Because of the real world examples, this course helped me to refocus my thoughts as I complete my master thesis.

Very clearly explained and gives good real world examples that makes the topic easier to understand. This was a very beneficial course, which has exceeded my expectations.

I really, like how you use examples on “Which Cyber Security is Right”  another comment on the same section That section changed the way I think about Cyber Security