Super STEM Academy


Super STEM Academy – A bold and compelling new idea that will be at the center of schools of the future.


A STEM focused project-based learning environment that will emphasize Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship within the curriculum along with other technical areas like Cyber Security, Manufacturing and Robotics. Project based learning and close connections with industry and research institutes are the foundational features of our school. The school will focus on creating project based learning environments like those that most adults find themselves exposed to in the work force. By providing students training which associate scholastic topics to relevant real world needs and uses.

We wanted to make sure to accurately assess the needs of youth today by gathering input from young people. We would like to thank the following organizations and persons for their support in our information gathering process.

  • Students and Mentors of the Rocky Mountain Robotics Team at the Challenger Learning Center in Colorado Springs
  • Students CIVA High School for completing our surveys
  • The STEM Educators at Colorado Springs District 20, 11, & 2
  • Science of Learning Expert Dr. Michaels Matthews
  • University of Colorado STEM coordination experts
  • Student Volunteers from Air Academy High School


Our research has lead to a list of primary deficiencies in the current school systems. We believe with the latest science and education styles, we can create a great solution to resolve these deficiencies to make a great learning environment from the ground up. In order to do so we have identified the following elements which our school will bring together in powerful learning experiences for students:

Hands-on Learning                          Energy and Entrepreneurship

Project Based Education                 Soft skills Development

Relating Industry Relevance          Virtual and Cyber

Individualized Learning                   Online Community

Life Transition Training                  Real-world Mentorship

Concept Video:

Our Discovery Stage engaged many students, experts and organizations

The Design Details for the Super STEM Academy Charter High School